Threat Modelling

Find your design flaws by using Threat Modeling

Threat Modeling can be the most effective way to be serious about your Enterprise Security!

Cybercriminals and attackers are becoming more sophisticated every day, regardless of how much you invest in security. That’s why it’s crucial that your business takes a proactive approach to cybersecurity, outdoing the attackers every step to unearth hidden vulnerabilities before they do.

Similarly, cybersecurity is a multidimensional, cross organization effort which can range from few to a thousand security practices depending on the Enterprise. That’s where threat modeling as a service comes in with its unique approach to enterprise network security that lets you optimize resources and maximize security by prioritizing the resources and programs required to keep your organization secure.

Threat Modeling with Legacy Consortium:

We understand that Threat modeling is a highly complex undertaking, especially as the threat landscape continues to become more sophisticated by the day. Therefore we help simplify it for you.

Cyberium Threat Modelling Services can help you to achieve security by design in your project and mitigate cyber threats before they hit your applications. As an iterative process, our threat modeling service assesses and quantifies vulnerabilities according to their potential for damage to the organization, and identifies the most effective information security solutions that can be deployed to mitigate them, along with recommendations for how to focus resources to provide the most protection.

  • Be Proactive with Security : Identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your systems, technology, processes and personnel before an attacker can.
  • Threats that exist beyond the known attacks : Threats that exist beyond known attacks don’t always pose a risk to your system. We help you perform a threat model to identify attacks that are unique to how your system is built.
  • Reduce Attack Surface : Remediate vulnerabilities and minimize your attack surface by evaluating new forms of attack that might not otherwise be considered.

Benefits of Threat Modeling:

When you’re serious about security, threat modelling is the most effective way to:

  • Detect problems early in the SDLC—even before a single line of code is written.
  • Spot design flaws that traditional testing methods and code reviews might overlook and maximize your testing budget by helping you target your testing and code review.
  • Evaluate new forms of attack that might not otherwise be considered.
  • Identify holes in your requirements process & save money by remediating problems before releasing software and performing costly code rewrites.