Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security – We secure what matters

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Data centers are a critical node for the modern economy, supporting everything from mobile and cloud data to ride sharing to the Internet of Things. Data centers are among the most expensive construction projects on a per-square-foot basis and represent some of the most valuable real estate transactions on the market.

Due to the highly critical nature and value of a company’s data center, securing it at its perimeter is vital. Today’s data centers must be optimally available, flexible, resilient, and secure.

Perimeter Security with Legacy Consortium:

We are a team of dedicated perimeter security consultants and engineers passionate about delivering tailor-made total perimeter security solutions to the world’s most security-sensitive assets. We believe that each perimeter solution should be uniquely designed depending on the level of protection needed, risk exposure, resources and existing infrastructure, to name just a few factors we take into account. Our forte is that we believe in a collaborative project approach that views each and every security project as unique with its own set of requirements, threats, and resulting solutions.

We specialize in the design, supply, project management, and integration of perimeter security solutions from conception to handover.

  • Advisory Services:  Analyze, Strategize and Architect DC Security through Field-tested methodologies and proven frameworks by Best-in-class resources.
  • Network Security Optimization: Collect and analyze data for trends and exceptions. Review network security component placement and configuration.
  • Assessment: Security Posture, Threat landscape and Risk assessment services.
  • Deployment Services: Build scalable, adaptable, easy-to-upgrade security solutions. Deploy Next-Generation Firewall / IPS, Anti Malware Protection, Data Loss Prevention, Threat Defence and Management Solutions.

Benefits of Perimeter Security :

  • Protect your Enterprise network at the point of entry and improve network visibility
  • Protect the back-end systems from unauthorized access
  • Minimize business risk, while ensuring maximum operational continuity
  • Protect company information by minimizing information theft and safeguarding the competitive advantages of the business