Network Security

Protect your environment with Network Security

Establish a network security that protects your data and your bottom line!

You know the high cost of having your company’s network breached. Breaches cause unhappy customers, loss of revenue, compliance penalties and could generate damaging press coverage.

As threats to network security continue to proliferate, a growing number of organizations are turning to network security services to better protect their people, their data and their business.

Network Security with Legacy Consortium:

Legacy Consortium is a market leading cyber security solutions provider and we help enterprises plan, build and run more successful cyber security programs. With decades of hands on experience, proven expertise and end-to-end cyber security offerings, we help enterprises.

  • Define the right security strategy
  • Identify potentials threats and risks
  • Deploy the world class technologies
  • Ensure a robust security readiness
  • Analyze& Assess your current security : Identify vulnerabilities and recommend specific solutions for closing any gaps in your network health. Also, assess current infrastructure and align requirements with the performance of the business
  • Enhance network security with Unified Access: Unified Access is the network foundation that helps IT with One Policy, One Management, and One Network.Optimize, configure and tune technologies to increase efficiency and security.
  • Assessment : Security Posture, Threat landscape and Risk assessment services.
  • Monitor your systems 24/7 : Spot and stop potential network intrusions& design more secure networks with help from our network security services team.

Benefits of Network Security:

  • Reduce cyber-attack risk
  • Adhere to data privacy regulations
  • Safeguard subscriber experience
  • Improve vulnerability monitoring
  • Protect brand trust