Continuous Security Events Monitoring

Build a continuous security events monitoring strategy

Get ahead of the threat

In today’s security environment, continuous monitoring to actively avoid external attacks, insider attacks, or third party ecosystem attacks isn’t just a suggestion—it’s an absolute must. Cybersecurity is an often-discussed topic in boardrooms and C-suites around the world as Security is top of mind for most. The threatscape that every business operates in today is immense and needs equally robust security measures to protect itself. Therefore, it’s safe to say that having a continuous monitoring strategy is not just a best practice or a competitive differentiator; it’s simply necessary to operate a successful business.

Continuous Security Events Monitoring with Legacy Consortium:

SIEMs offer a lot of promise, but legacy SIEMs simply can’t keep up with the rate and sophistication of today’s cyberattacks. SIEMs analytics-driven approach helps organizations to combine a big data platform that is optimized for:

We give you a SIEM that’s equipped with all this & helps your organization to Accelerate investigation of system incidents & ample control for your security teams. We give you a single-pane-of-view to monitor real-time security issues & respond to security alerts to keep attackers at bay.

Why Choose Legacy Consortium for Continuous Security Events Monitoring:

Finding a mechanism to collect, store and analyze security only data is relatively simple. Collecting all security relevant data and turning all that data into actionable intelligence, however, is a whole other matter. Our analytics-driven SIEM allows IT to monitor threats in real time and respond quickly to incidents so that damage can be avoided or limited.

  • Real-Time Monitoring& Advanced Analytics : Threats can move quickly, and IT needs the ability to monitor threats and correlate events in real time to find and stop threats faster. Analytics are key to producing insights from mountains of data, and machine learning can automate this analysis to identify hidden threats.
  • Incident Response& User Monitoring : IT needs an organized way to address and manage potential breach as well as the aftermath of a security breach or attack in order to limit damage and reduce recovery time and cost. Monitoring user activity with context is critical to pinpoint breaches and uncover misuse. Privileged user monitoring is a common requirement for compliance reporting.
  • Threat Intelligence : Threat intelligence can help IT recognize abnormal activity, assess the risk to the business, and prioritize the response. Security professionals need specialized tools to monitor, analyze and detect threats across the kill chain.

Benefits of Continuous Security Events Monitoring with Legacy Consortium:

  • Established domain knowledge with best in class trainer and certified experts
  • The visibility and control makes it easier for security teams to disrupt and prevent attackers from accomplishing their mission.
  • Expertise to develop risk based Analytics, custom dashboards and reports based on use cases.
  • Quality driven, standards based project management models.